MANKIWI Kiwi CEO Facial Arganöl Arganoil Cosmetic Morocco Bottle

I’m Kiwi Man and I’m the founder of MANKIWI. When I was 14 my skin started to change and became more sensitive. During that stage girls normally get into make-up and start experimenting with it. However for me it was pretty difficult to apply make up or any other skin care product on my body.

Different parts on my body slowly became very itchy. Mostly it was around my knee bend and crook of the arms. The worst part were my eye lids that were affected. I remember there were days where I could barely open my eyes because they were swollen and way too itchy. The doctors diagnosed a special eczema and prescribed me several medication and ointments. Well, they didn’t help at all and eventually it got worse as I was unable to tolerate some of the contents/ ingredients in the medical cremes. As a young teenager all this is pretty frustrating when every doctor advised you to not use any kind of make-up on your face due to allergies. While trying many healing methods over the years I had to accept the fact that my skin is more sensitive and it would need a different treatment. Time passed and thanks to a lot of research I figured everything that is made from natural ingredients works for me the best. Trying different types of oils for my face and body, argan oil is my go to for sure – it is the so called Liquid Gold from Morocco. Honestly, the effect was so amazing that I had to tell all my family and friends about the argan oil. They all were pretty impressed as well. That’s why I have made it my mission to share it with more people and everyone who is struggling with their skin too.

When I started MANKIWI I had the vision of spreading the benefits from high quality body & skincare products and clever beauty tools. Basic and innovative features combined in a simple but exclusive way is what the products of MANKIWI stand for. It is a no-brainer that make-up products just temporarily allow our skin to glow. Therefore the rest of the time is very important so our skin is able to recover with high quality products, that contains vitamins and all necessary ingredients to heal and repair itself gently.

Our slogan MORE THAN BEAUTY reflects the importance of how much we have to take care of our bodies. With good quality and based on natural ingredients – “Made in Germany”.